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Strong-Person Club, Class & Easter Competitions

In April we have 4 Members of the Strong-Person Club are competing (including myself). On the 17th April in Preston & the 24th April in Blackburn. The gym will be closed both days (Sundays)

Heres Matt running round with sandbags weighing 50kg, 75kg & 90kg preparing for his competition:

If your interested in coming to watch a Strongman & Strongwoman competition as well as support your team/gym members give me a shout and I’ll pass details on.

If you fancy giving Lifestyle-Not-Fads Strong-Person club a go at there is a drop in class every Sunday 10:00-1200 for just £10. If you want to join the club it’s just £40 a month for 3-4 days a week of programmed training, including coaching videos, online training, 4 hours of coaching per week, Sundays class is free.

Many Thanks

Darren Prestwood


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