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Strong-Person Sundays & Upcoming Competitions

Just a little update on what we got up to Sunday gone & Competitions that are upcoming.

FIRSTLY WE HAVE 2 COMPETITIONS COMING UP With 3… Possible 4 members (including myself competing). If your interested in coming across to support the dates are 17th April and 24th April. Message me & I’ll send your details 😁

Drop in Class

Every Sunday there will be a “Drop-In” class that will run alongside the club training and is open to non-gym members as well as non-club members. This is a 2hr coached session for £10.

For club members this class is free and will offer additional training/coaching if you’re up to date with your individual plan.

Last Sunday the club member's were all up to date with there programming so we focused on form & technique.

One common issue I see with the deadlift is engaging leg drive, sounds simple to push to the floor but we spend so much of our lives picking things up with our backs we forget how to use the legs.

After breaking down the deadlift and having a warmup we started the Group Coaching session with an Isometric Deadlift… isometric means the muscles are working but theres no change in muscle length or movement. How we did this was overloaded the bar with too much weight so the person couldn’t actually move the barbell (alternatively you can place under racks). Whilst doing the isomeric focus on keeping everything tight whilst you working use your feet into the floor for 5 seconds as hard as possibly.

Next we went over the squat. It is important to remember everyone’s anatomy Is different meaning they will move and look different to each other when we move. We went over internal Queues, setup, different anatomies & how this can affect the squat. it is important to keep queues easy to understand/simple and remember just 2-3 queues at a time. Queues should be stuff like “split the floor, look up & chest out” which translates technically to: ”engage glutes, adductors & extend the t-spine”

We went over low bar squat as well as high bar squat what body types these suit but also what sport they lend too.

Finally we finished with breaking down the Axel Bar Floor To Overhead using the belt to clean off.

Was a brilliant technical session. See you this Sunday for some more fun.

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