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Strong-Person Club

What is Strong-Person?

Strong-Person (aka; Strongman/Woman) is a sport that is challenging & interesting.

This club has a good community vibe, everyone has a laugh & cracks on. The online programming means you can train in your own time or during the 4 hours of club coaching per week. As much as it’s about being strong physically we are all aware that strength is relative to the individual and we’re all here to build our mental health as well as improve ourselves physically.

The club membership is £40 a month, you do not have to be a member of the gym if you’re training from another gym that’s fine.

The £40 a month you pay for club membership gives you:

  • 2-3 days programming.

  • bi monthly workshops/technical breakdowns

  • in-house competition & ”fun days”

  • Online coaching

  • Free 2hr Class (£10 for non-members)

  • 2hr coaching sessions; Wednesday at 1830 & Sundays 10:00

Workshop - 27th February

The next workshop will be a “CARRY” workshop. We will be focusing on the foot work of carry weight. For simplicity we will be sticking with Yoke Carries and Farmers carry’s.

This is open to all Strong-Person Members at no extra costs. If you are not a member your more than welcome to join the 2 hour workshop for £10.

Lots of exciting stuff coming this year for Members & Non-Members. Drop-in classes, competitions, friendly in-house comps, workshops & more.

Come join a Community that supports each other. Improve Mental & Physical Health.

Darren Prestwood


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