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Tight & Overworked Shoulder (Front Deltoids)

Do you ONLY FEEL THE FRONT OF YOUR SHOULDERS when bench pressing? This can be caused by tight anterior deltoids (front of shoulders) from being overworks or posture can inhibit (switch off) other muscles & make movements such as Overhead Mobility difficult.

There are a number of things that could affect Overhead Mobility, but in this video we’re going to focus on releasing the front of the shoulders & chest then using assistance to activate then achieve the position we want and switch on the muscles that achieve that.

👉First release & stretch the chest, shoulders and lats (which I haven’t mentioned in the video but this could also help)

👉complete assisted Y-Raises for either an Isometric Hold or Reps

👉try Y-Raises without weight on an incline bench

👉progress to prone (flat bench) no weight

👉work from 8-20 reps over a period of Time/months

👉go back to incline and load with 1-2kg

👉progress back to Prone Y-Raises but without weight first

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