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Strongman & Strongwoman

What is Strong-Person (Strong-Man)

In the 19th century the term "Strong-Man" was

used by circus performers & others who

performed huge acts of strength.

Lifts such as the Bench Press did not exist in

the past so feats of strength were displayed in

the Bent Press, Chain Breaking, Steel Breaking,

Stone Lifting & many other demonstrations of


The sport has been a part of various cultures for

centuries, here are a few examples of regions &

some of their popular Strong-Man training


  • Ancient China: Stones, Swords, Cauldrons (Dings), weight throwing, tug of war, boxing & more.

  • Ancient Egypt: Sand Sack Swinging,  Gymnastics, Single arm sandbag lifts & more

  • Ancient India: Club Swinging, Sand Sack Swinging, Wrestling, Stone Lifting, calisthenics & more

  • Ancient Greece: Stone Lifting, Calisthenics, Halteres (Rudimentary Dumbell Training) & more


In the 20th Century this then evolved into what we see today in Strongman competitions such

as the World Strongest Man, Arnold Strongman Classics, Strongman Champions League, the Giants LIVE tour & many countries hold national level competitions.

Competitions are now composed of a variety of events in which competitors have to move the highest weights possible, the winner being the one having the highest tally across all events. Generally the events include moving a weight from A-B with rules on how this can be done, however various techniques can sometimes be used allowing people of various genetical makeups, backgrounds strengths & weaknesses to adapt.

The proliferation of the sport in recent years has lead to local clubs forming. "Strong-Man" Movements have also been adopted in many other training methods including Sport Specific & Aesthetic Based Training. 

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