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Online Coaching & Programming

Coaching is priority at Lifestyle-Not-Fads. Programming efficiently will give the biggest bang for your buck! All coaching & programming is provided through TrueCoach. Online Coaching & Programming can be much more affordable, with less time constraints & include the following benefits:

  • Video instructions

  • Video analysis (you send me videos I can analyse and give feedback on)

  • Online/email/phone support

  • Goal setting

  • Goal Tracking

  • Diet tracking

  • Weight/Measurements check-in (request only)

  • Monthly review

  • Nutritional cheat sheets

  • Informational sheets on healthy back & joints such as knees & shoulders

Try your first FREE taster 4 week plan Strength, Posture, Core & Conditioning by signing up below & I will contact you:

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CLICK HERE to download TrueCoach.

I will be in contact regarding your programming.

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