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Outdoor Group PT, Individual PT & Bootcamp updates.

Hi all hope you’re having an awesome bank holiday weekend. Just wanted to give you a a quick update.

As COVID-19 Restrictions have been eased, I’m moving more of my PT clients back into the gym, my birthdays coming up (so I’m having sometime off) & schedules are being reshuffled alongside of the return to school, so are my services being reshuffled.

The bootcamp is staying & outdoor training has become more popular as some people are not members of gyms, are not comfortable returning back to gyms yet or just enjoy training outdoors no matter the weather. Due to these reasons I’ve open up some of my availability to taking on some new Individuals or Groups PTs on as I now have regular outdoor sessions available to book online on Wednsdays.

Outdoor Group & Individual PTs:

If you’re interested in booking some outdoor sessions jump online & get yourself booked in. All outdoor sessions are available on a Wednesday from South Park. Just select “Outdoor Group & Individual PT” from the drop down menu on the website:

Some have already gone to regular bookings (5-10% discount on multiple purchases, TC’s)

Bootcamps: Over the next few of weeks there will be a couple of classes cancelled due to my birthday & me having some time off.

Next week classes are as normal but the weeks after change:

  • Tuesday 1st @ 0930 & 1900

  • Thursday 3rd @ 1830

  • Tuesday 8th is a cancelled

  • Thursday 10th @ 1830

  • Tuesday 15th is cancelled

  • Thursday 17th @ 1830

Jump online & yourself booked in, if classes are showing online they will be available.

Thanks for reading.

Have a Great Bank Holiday!!!!

Darren Prestwood,


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