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Bootcamps, indoor & outdoor PT sessions

Hi all, as mentioned the bootcamps are due a change up due to gyms opening back up & as weather changes towards colder/wetter days.

The bootcamps will now be held on a Wednesday‘s at 1900 in the evening. These are still bookable in the usual way. If you have paid classes waiting to be taken please book in as the year comes to an end so will the bootcamps. Next year we will restart them after the snowy/icey colder months end, so looking to be around March 2021.

Individual PT bookings;

I know there are a few PT clients out there that work shifts or are looking to get their sessions booked in. Due to the logistics being more consistent, bootcamps changing & gym opening changes there are now more PT slots available, when booking please remember:

  • bookings are provisional until I confirm via email or message

  • bookings must be made with 48hrs notice if within that time frame please message me

  • 72 hour cancellation on booking (session may be lost if cancelled writhing is timeframe.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Many Thanks,

Darren Prestwood



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