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If you're training for sport, as rehabilitation, as a hobby or to improve your quality life LNF will work with you to find the balance to achieve your goals.

At Lifestyle-Not-Fads we help our clients create a solid foundation & build a Lifestyle that is realistic.

Whether you are starting from scratch, rehabbing an injury, losing weight or training for a sport, we can help you.


Hi, my name is Darren Prestwood & I am a coach/personal trainer based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Putting the FOCUS ON BIOMECHANICS & PSYCHOLOGY around training/sport is what will keep you healthy, injury free & happy. What does this mean?

  1. Biomechanics is referring to the way your muscles interact to create movement & stability.

  2. Psychology & the process of training or competing teaches us lessons about ourselves as well as helps us build skills that transfer to everyday life.

Sport & Exercise should be challenging & enjoyable but NOT a chore.


I have experience in rehabilitation (Back, knees, ankles & wrists)  as well as postural correction.



I have clients that have successfully placed as gold, silver & bronze medallists in Strongman. Participated & won Kickboxing fights as well as player of the year on the Rugby pitch. Whether your goals are to get stronger, fitter, prep for an event, rehab from an injury or develop a new lifestyle, I would love to help.

I currently train and compete in strongman, I have trained kids & adults who are involved in strength sports such as powerlifting but also sports from Football & Rugby to Combat sports, fencing, golf & Windsurfing.  

My approach is challenging, functional & fun. If you have specific goals even better I have experienced many training styles, hit target weight for competition (cutting or gaining). 

I understand what it takes to build a lifestyle around goals or achieve goals around a work/family life. I wiill get you fighting fit & stronger than you've ever been. No matter your current level, I will help educate you so you understand what/why you're doing what you're doing & help you gain the confidence, strength, physique, quality of life & goals you're aiming for


A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at”

Bruce Lee

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